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APO Stops Kidnap of Baby Magpies with Citizen’s Help

The Animal Protection Office (APO) received reports of poachers attempting to capture Taiwan Blue Magpie fledglings using cranes on June 11.

According to APO, the agency successfully identified the suspects involved and rescued the 8 young magpies. The chicks were first taken under the care of the Wild Bird Society of Taipei’s Wild Bird Rescue Center. They have been returned to the nest on June 13 to reunite with their parents.

On the other hand, based on the Wildlife Conservation Act, people who hunt or harass animals belonging to protected species may be subjected to imprisonment of up to five years as well as fines of up to NT$1 million.

APO Director Yen I-feng pointed out that Taiwan Blue Magpies are indigenous to the island. These birds are also Taipei’s city bird. As protected species, the avian cannot be hunted, harassed, abused, kept as pets, or bred based on Article 16 of the Wildlife Conservation Act.

The agency calls upon the public to adhere to the principles of “avoid feeding, interrupting, and approaching” when encountering wildlife in the urban setting. Citizens are also reminded not to hunt or capture wildlife: Violators may face up to 5 years in jail.