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Mayor Accompanies President on Inspection Trip at New Tennis Center

Mayor Ko Wen-je accompanied President Tsai Ing-wen during her visit to the Taipei City Tennis Center. The two attended a briefing session at the center and also watched a match for the 2017 Formosa Cup Men’s and Women’s Tennis Tournament and Universiade test trial.
During his interview with the media, the mayor was asked why he invited the President to take part in the inspection trip. Ko noted that this is one of the bigger venues of the upcoming Universiade. The previous plan was to invite Premier Lin Chuan to visit the stadium for the basketball games, but didn’t occur due to schedule conflict.
As for why the exterior of the completed tennis venue still resembles a construction site, Ko explained that there are areas which still require minor adjustments and final touches.
Regarding why there was no roof for the center and whether it has to do with slashing of the budget, the mayor replied that some modifications to the master design plan were implemented due to budget cuts. On questions whether there might be other problems with the facility, Ko pointed out that it will take some time to find out.
The media also noted that there was little interaction between him and the President, but according to the mayor, he does not know much about tennis matches and the sports he’s familiar with do not require much technical knowledge. He also remarked that it’s hard to chat with the president with so many cameras around.