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Sign up for Parking Alert Service in Case of Floods

In light of the increased frequency of weather hazards such as torrential downpours and sustained rainfall, Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office (PMDO) urges vehicle owners to utilize the City’s “riverbank parking alert service” to ensure they have time to remove their cars from riverbank parking spaces or low-lying areas before imminent flooding.
By signing up at the Chinese website (http://parkingfee.pma.gov.tw/Flood/Index/1028), vehicle owners will receive a text alert regarding disaster prevention information and notices, such as typhoon advisory, floodgate closure/reopening, and roadside parking restrictions among others.
PMDO noted that the QR code of the website can be found on signboards at the exits and entrances across the City’s riverbank parking lots.
Residents are encouraged to scan the code for quick access with their mobile devices.
The service is completely free of charge, allowing for better protection of residents’ life and property by providing them with ample time to take measures in the event of typhoons or flash floods.