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Smooth Progress with Initial Test Run of Driverless Bus

The designated bus lane along Xinyi Road became the testing site for the EZ10 between 1 AM and 4 AM on August 1. The minibus EZ10 utilizes autonomous vehicle technology.
Information Technology Commissioner Lee Wei-bin remarked that the first day of the test run proceeded smoothly. Future evaluation of the project will be based on the performances over the next 5 days.
The current phase of the on-road experiment to test the new technology will take place from 1 AM through 4 PM between August 1 and 5. The field is limited to the designated bus lane between Xinyi/Dunhua intersection and Xinyi/Fuxing intersection. The average speed of the bus is about 10 km/h during the first day of the test run.
According to the Department of Information Technology, the first three days of the five-day experiment will focus on collecting related geographic information and route planning data and conducting comprehensive tests on designated bus lane deployment and related technologies.
The EZ10 is equipped with six LiDAR. During the test runs, the speed will be limited to 20 km/h or less, and the vehicle will stop when it encounters obstacles.
For scenes from the first day of experiment, please access the following link: https://goo.gl/GRN8mA