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City to Extend Water Spray Area to Counter Hot Weather

With temperature hitting 38.5-degree Celsius on August 7, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) says that it will redouble its effort to fight the heat wave by activating the policy of sprinkling roads with water during hot weather on August 8.
The strengthened effort will expand from the original six routes to nine routes, thereby increasing the range of spraying water to ameliorate the discomfort of citizens due to the heat and diminish the urban heat island effect.
According to DEP, based on Taipei City’s heat wave warning mechanism, city agencies will initiate appropriate responses when weather forecast indicates temperatures reaching 38-degree Celsius the following day or remaining above 37-degree Celsius for three consecutive days.
The water used for sprinkling roads are acquired from recycled water at Neihu and Dihua wastewater treatment plants. Roughly 12 vehicles serve patrol routes covering major thoroughfares such as Zhongxiao East/West Road, Roosevelt Road (section 1 through 3), Zhongshan South Road, Bade Road (section 2 through 4), Nanjing East Road (section 1 through 5), and Minquan East Road (section 1 through 4). Hot climate will drive road temperatures to above 50-degree Celsius. By spraying water on the roads, the pavement temperature can be effectively lowered by 10-degree Celsius.
The agency also calls upon private construction companies to conduct water spraying operations every 3 to 4 hours daily for roads in the vicinity of construction sites when temperature exceeds 36-degree Celsius. Between June 27 and August 7, water sprinkling operations were carried out at 57 sites across the city.