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City on Alert over Imported Dengue Fever Cases

On August 8, the Department of Health (DOH) announced that three Taipei residents have been confirmed to have contracted dengue fever following a trip to the Philippines between July 24 and August 1.

The cases, including a 23-year-old male and his parents, have all developed a fever before being tested positive for the mosquito-borne disease. Another member of the group has also exhibited symptoms of the disease. As of August 8, Taipei has received reports of 31 imported dengue fever cases – 9 from Malaysia and 3 from each of the following countries: the Philippines, Singapore, Maldives, Vietnam, and India.

According to DOH Commissioner Huang Shier-chieg, Southeast Asia is a high risk area for dengue fever. Residents planning to travel to the region are advised to take precautionary measures against mosquito bites by applying certified mosquito repellents and wearing light-colored, long-sleeved clothing.

Residents returning from trips abroad who develop symptoms – fever, pain behind the eyes, joint and muscle pain, or skin rash after being bitten by mosquitoes – are advised to seek quick dengue screening service at the nearest community clinic as soon as possible. The screening service is available at the City’s six medical centers, five Taipei City Hospital branches, and 28 community clinics.
As Taiwan enters dengue fever season and typhoon season, DOH urges the public to empty containers and vessels with standing water to eradicate breeding grounds for disease-carrying insects. For related questions or to report suspicious cases, please call the DOH disease prevention hotline 02-2375-3782 or 1999 Citizen Hotline.