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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Taipei Hits Global Stage: Smart City Mayors’ Summit Kicks Off Online2020-08-13
2Riverbank Gabion Barrier Extension Completed Near Wanfu Bridge2020-08-12
3Groundbreaking Ceremony for Bailing Riverside Social Housing2020-08-11
4Mayor Congratulates Taipei Public School’s First IB Program Graduates2020-08-11
5Mayor, Bravo Spice up Family Day at City Hall2020-08-10
6Mayor at Labor Day Ceremony: Making the Workplace Safer for Laborers2020-08-07
7Ningxia Night Market Extends Bring-your-own-utensils Campaign to End of the Year2020-08-06
8Mayor Lauds Nurses at International Nurses Day Celebration2020-08-05
9Letter Project Exhibition Revives Nostalgic Scenes from Taipei’s Memories2020-08-05
10Celebrating Youthful Vibes at the 2020 MRT Street Dance Competition2020-08-05
11TRTC Reminds Concert-goers to Exercise COVID-19 Prevention Safety Measures2020-08-04
12Mayor Attends Open-air Cinema at 2020 Xikou Cultural Festival2020-08-03
13Guanghua Digital Plaza Celebrates 12th Anniversary2020-08-03
14DOT Improves Traffic Environment in Local Neighborhoods with New Initiative2020-07-31
15Mayor Speaks at Bakery Show Opening Event2020-07-31
16Waterway Dredging at Wild Birds Conservation Area to be Completed in August2020-07-30
17Donating Uniform-Invoice on the Cloud for Admission Tickets2020-07-30
18Making good use of rewards package.Helping senior citizens start from internship and get back into the workplace.2020-07-30
19APO: Dog, Cat Blood Drive This Saturday at Vieshow Cinemas Plaza2020-07-28
20TBS Summertime Concert at Daan Forest Park to Take Place August 12020-07-28