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Department of Land Administration, Taipei City Government

The predecessor of the Department of Land Administration was the Taipei City Land Administration Section, formerly affiliated with Taipei City Government, when the City itself used to be a provincial municipality. It comprised four divisions (land cadastral, land value, land rights and land use), governed one land office (the Taipei Land Office) and had 21 staff members.
After Taipei City was upgraded to the status of a municipality on July 1, 1967, the Department of Land Administration was established under the Department of Civil Affairs (Note: The establishment was pursuant to Executive Yuan Order Tai-Nei-Tzu No. 1471 on February 24, 1968.); it comprised five sections and three offices and governed the Taipei Land Office and Survey Division. To improve the equalization of land rights and to implement the land-to-the-tiller, the Department of Land Administration was upgraded as a first-level agency of the Taipei City Government as the Department of Land Administration on May 5, 1971 pursuant to the Executive Yuan Order Ren-Zheng-Er-Tzu No. 19620 on August 29, 1970. The Department comprised five sections and four offices, and governed three land offices (Jiancheng, Songshan and Guting). Meanwhile, the Survey Division was expanded and renamed the Survey Division of the Department of Land Administration, Taipei City Government. In January 1974, with the reform of the Yangmingshan Administration, the Shilin Land Office was merged into the Department of Land Administration, Taipei City Government. In January 1977, the Land Readjustment Commission originally under the Taipei City Government then came under this Department of Land Administration and was reformed as the Taipei City Land Readjustment Division. In response to the increased needs due to rapid economic growth, the Zhongshan Land Office was admitted to be established on July 1, 1981. The Technology Office was renamed as the Systems Administration to promote the information affairs and the Da’an Land Office was established in November 1988. On September 6, 2005, the Land Readjustment Division and the Survey Division were united to form the “Land Development Agency, Department of Land Administration, Taipei City Government,” which takes charge of affairs for zone expropriation, urban land readjustment and cadastral survey. On July 29 2009, the Organizational Regulations Of Department Of land Administration was revised, and the 1st to 5th Division were renamed respectively as Cadaster & Cadastral Survey Division, Land Value Division, Land Rights & Real Estate Transaction Division, Land Use Division, and Land Development Division, according to their business functions and nature. The Department of Land's Chinese Title had been used for about forty years since 1971, due to the revision of “The Taipei City Government Organization Self-Government Ordinance"; although the organization body and Chinese title of the Department of Land Administration were changed coordinately on December 20, 2011, the English title still remains the same.
On January 31, 2016, in order to construct the smart city spatial data infrastructure and enhance the quality of surveying and mapping affairs, and achieve the goal of sharing the resources of surveying and mapping. We established a specialized “Division for Surveying and Mapping Affairs " to make the planning, coordination, and policy promotion of the surveying business more convenient. "Cadaster & Cadastral Survey Division” simultaneously amended to " Division for Land Registration Affairs”.