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Taipei City Songshan Land Office

Phase I: Early years after 1945
In the early years after 1945, there was only one land office named as "Taipei City Land Office" to be in charge of affairs about real estate registration and survey in the entire Taipei area. It was the former entity of Songshan Land Office supervised and directed by Taipei City Land Administration Section; its administrative jurisdiction then included 10 districts, such as Jiancheng, Yanping, Datong, Chengzhong, Longshan, Shuanyuan and others.
Phase II: Era of Yuan-controlled municipality
In 1967, Taipei City was reformed to be a Yuan-controlled municipality and included Nangang Township of Taipei County among its administrative jurisdiction in 1968. However, one land office was insufficient for the expansion of administrative divisions and increasing workload. As a result, in 1969, Taipei City Government decided to divide "Taipei City Land Office" into Jiancheng Land Office, Guting Land Office, and Songshan Land Office. It was the first time when the name of "Songshan Land Office of Taipei City" was called.
Phase III: Era of development
Initially, Songshan Land office was located on the fourth section of Bade Road, governing land affairs of Songshan District, Nangang District and Neihu District.
In 1976, due to the rapid expansion of land affairs, thus we moved to a three-floor building at No.2, Ln. 29, Hulin St.
In 1981, as Zhongshan Land office was founded, Songshan Land Office changed its administrative jurisdiction to Songshan District and Nangang District.
In 1990, the original Songshan District was divided into Songshan District and Xinyi District.
In 1991, Songshan Land Office was relocated at Xinyi District Administration Center in the Xinyi District,governing land affairs of Songshan, Xinyi, and Nangang Districts. Since the office was located in the newly-developed area, the business load has outnumbered that of the other five land offices of Taipei City.
In 2007, to have a spacious workplace and provide the public with better services, the land office was removed to the building of the Emergency Operation Center of Taipei City.