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New Constructions Office Wins 2021 FIABCI Award

Aerial view of the renovated Yongjian Elementary SchoolThe award ceremony of the 2021 FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards was streamed live over the Internet on June 2. The New Constructions Office (NCO) appeared on the list of World Silver Winners, claiming the award in the Public Infrastructure/Amenities Category for its role in the Yongjian Elementary School renovation project.
According to the Real Estate Association of the ROC (the Taiwan chapter organizer of the event), the judges of the FIABCI Award place a heavy emphasis on environmental and ecology protection, as well as the importance of the creation of sustainable systems which balance nature and man. During the evaluation phase of the 2020 FIABCI Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award, the Yongjian Elementary School construction project caught the attention of jury members with the integration of school campus with firefly conservation efforts of nearby Mamingtan Wetland.
NCO pointed out that the overhaul of the elementary school highlighted a design based on building a teaching space providing hands-on environmental experiences. This will create venues where students can learn more about knowledge on “day-to-day life” while at school, where education and social interaction co-exist within the school’s parameters.
Furthermore, the wetland to the north of the school is an important firefly conservation zone for the city. The buffer of green space ensures that a habitat is available for wetland animals such as firefly, frogs, and dragonflies. The integration of a sustainable campus with environmental awareness and humanities awareness provide the school with opportunities to strengthen links with surrounding communities and residents. The renovation project also obtained the Silver Green Building Label, CO2 Emission Reduction Label, and more.
The agency added that the project has also claimed the 2020 FIABCI Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award, the 21st National Building Gold Award, and more. It would like to thank all award organizers and juries for recognizing the project and promises to continue carrying out endeavors that will improve the quality of life for the residents of Taipei City.