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2019 Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival - Bravo’s Water Park Opens

Bravo’s Water Park Opens The 2019 Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival - Bravo’s Water Park opened today (July 13) at Dajia Riverside Park. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived at the park at 15:30 to experience the first Surf Simulator ride in the country. Due to the high water velocity, he exclaimed that getting to grips with the ride is quite a challenge. He also played Bravo Hercules with the children, where the splashing water helped to quench the summer heat.

This year’s Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival spotlights Bravo the Bear, with a striking 6m-tall Bravo statue at the entrance to welcome the visitors. The City’s mascot wore a raincoat to attend the water park activities. While Bravo was dancing happily, Ko laughed and said that with the new raincoat, the furry mascot will have to work rain or shine. But don’t get too excited just yet, he said, because the children’s fun carnival only lasts 9 days every year. In the future, the city government will consider extending the length of the carnival.

Thereafter, the mayor played Bravo Hercules with the children. As he is stronger than them, the splashes of water made him soaking wet and he exclaimed that the exciting game has helped him to cool down in the summer heat, thus he couldn’t help but play it several more times. The children were no slouches either, splashing water with Ko and creating an interesting sight.

The mayor then experienced the Surf Simulator, the first facility of its kind in the country. Measuring 14m by 4.5m by 2.75m, the remarkable installation generates powerful jets of water to simulate ocean waves. It took him several attempts to successfully complete the challenge, and he said that it was a difficult but exhilarating experience. Each person is limited to 3 minutes on the Surf Simulator, and 25 participants may sign up for the experience on-site per session on a first-come, first-served basis.

After experiencing the Surf Simulator, Ko Wen-je tasted freshly brewed coffee at the mobile coffee van. While enjoying the Bravo Shaved Ice prepared using watermelon and kiwifruit, he took the time to chat with other visitors amid a lively ambiance.

Information and Tourism Commissioner Liu Yi-ting indicated that due to the popularity of the Surf Simulator, the number of spots for future events will be increased. To encourage people to sign up in advance, 40 sets of reusable tableware will be given to the participants of the morning sessions and the first afternoon session on weekdays. Additionally, those who help to fill in the questionnaire survey along with their full name and contact information will stand a chance to win souvenirs such as small schoolbags. For more information, please browse the Travel Taipei (www.travel.taipei) website and click on “2019 Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival – Bravo’s Water Park.”