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[Level 3 COVID Alert] APO: Owners Encouraged to Stay Home with Pets

A pet dog being trainedWith the growing threat of COVID-19 in Taiwan, the Animal Protection Office (APO) has arranged for the care of 14 pets (as of June 2) whose owners have been infected with the virus. The agency reminds pet owners to comply with pandemic prevention measures and remain home. They are also encouraged to store enough pet food and toilet train their pets at minimize the need to go out.
The APO pointed out that staff members are always on high alert when they receive calls for help from pet owners who tested positive, not because of contracting COVID, but rather concerned over the safety of pets and whether they are properly fed. Fortunately, the transition process for the 14 furry friends take in by the agency so far has been smooth.
The agency reminds pet owners to prepare ahead of time for their pets. Given the longer term of storage for canned and dried pet food, APO suggests that a minimal of a months’ worth of feed should be maintained. Purchases should be made online and goods delivered directly to the home.
If the pet becomes sick, pet owners should make an appointment with the vet and schedule a time slot which is less crowded to avoid long waits. For chronic issues, ask the vet for greater amount of medication to eliminate the need of additional trips.
Potty training at home is important as well. Pet owners should learn how to recognize the key moments when grown dogs need to relieve themselves, such as after waking up in the morning; after meals; after play, or before going to bed. Take the pet to the designated spot for urination and defecation and reward the furry friend for doing the right thing.
In the case where the pet owner still wants to take the dog out for a walk, there is no need for it to wear shoes or face mask. The owner should observe the standard pandemic prevention measures and implement cleaning and disinfection for the dog, as well as avoiding crowded space. Upon returning home, use a wet tissue to wipe the dog’s mouth, paws, and anus to remove bacteria. The furry friends should take a bath every week or two to maintain hygiene.