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Land Office

The six land offices provide the similar services listed as follows:
1. Registering and surveying of land and buildings
2. Approving of cadasters including land, buildings, cadastral map, result map of the survey of buildings, certificate of ownership of English version, etc.
3. Inquiry of compilation of general register of landowners
4. Inquiries by applicants who visit the land office through Touch-Sensitive Computerized Inquiry System:
(1) This Touch-Sensitive Computerized Inquiry System was designed by Taipei City Guting Land Office originally. Afterwards, the system was installed in almost every land office of Taipei City for a better service(except Zhongshan Land Office). Just use a finger or a pen to touch the screen of the monitor, applicants can operate (use) the Inquiry System easily. In this way, the system can achieve the goal of offering fast and friendly services to applicants.
(2) The Inquiry System includes the following items:
Inquiry of Publicly Announced Current Land Price
Inquiry Regarding Radiated Buildings
Evaluation Survey of Buildings Declared Dangerous of 331 Earthquake
Progress Inquiry for Cases Registering and Surveying
Information on Telephone Numbers, Addresses, Opening Hours and Areas of Control of Land Offices
Inquiry for Numbers of Applicants on Waiting in Each Land Office
5. Services Charge
Items of Services Charge(NTD:NT Dollars)
Certificates Fees $80 NTD per page
Certificate Expenses Fees $80 NTD per page
Partial Registration Copy Expenses Fees photocopy: $5 NTD per page
computer print-out: $20 NTD per page
Cadastral Map Copy Expenses Fees photocopy: $15 NTD per page
computer print-out: $20 NTD per page
manual tracing: $40 NTD per page
Copying Expenses Fees of Original Applications of Registers $10 NTD per page
Viewing Fees of Compilation of Registers of Landowners $10 NTD per item for 20 minutes interval
Rezoning and Amendment Records photocopy: $5 NTD per page
Viewing Fees of Land Rights Transfer Inquiries $10 NTD per item for 3 minutes interval
Screen Printing of Inquiry $20 NTD per page
Reading or Transcribing of Special Trust Roll $20 NTD every 20 minutes by case
Copying Special Trust Roll $10 NTD per sheet
6. Processing Period
Types of Applications Processing Period
Registration of Transfers of Ownership Due to Transaction 5 Days
Registration of Donation Transfers in Ownership 4 Days
Registration of Succession 5.5 Days
Registration of Transfers in Ownership through Auction 4 Days
Registration of Transfers in Ownership Resulting from Court Decision, Settlements or Mediation 6 Days
Registration of Change of Domicile or Name 1 Hour
Registration of Replacement of Certificates 1 Hour
Registration of Supplement of Certificates 4.5 Days (not including 30-day announcement to the public)
Registration of Mortgage 1 Day
Registration of Changes of Content of Other Rights 1 Day
Initial Registration of Building Ownership 6.5 Days(not including 15-day announcement to the public)