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Department of Land Administration, Taipei City Government

1. Land Ownerships

To approve or reject the transferring of real estate in R.O.C. from or to foreigners, and report the fore-mentioned to Ministry of the Interior for reference if approved.

2. Real Estate Brokerage Management

1Approval and management of real estate brokerages.

2Approval and issuing of real estate brokerage licenses.

3Examination of real estate brokerages.

4Coordinating and handling disputes over real estate transactions.

3. Land Administration Agents Management

In order to enforce the certification and attestation legalization of Land Administration Agents, we are in charge of the following affairs:

1Registration of practice or changes of Land Administration Agents.

2Registration of Land Administration Agent assistants.

3Attestor registration.

4. Real Estate Appraisers Management

1Affairs about approval and issuing of Real Estate Appraisers certificates.

2Affairs about examination of Real Estate Appraisers.

3Affairs about punishments or rewards of Real Estate Appraisers.

5. Real Estate Information Service System

1Maintain e-government databases that offer references for the making of long-term urban operational and management decisions.

2Offer real estate information transparently to satisfy public needs.

3Provide important information on reforming real estate tax system.

4Enhance and activate the real estate industry and consolidate the real-estate transaction market.

5Stimulate the emergence of urban renewal mechanisms via the disclosure of real estate database information and promulgate environmental protection measures.

6Encourage asset owners to foster overall community environment improvement, promote public investment and consolidate regional functions by strengthening the power of the public market.

6. Sharing the Land Information

◆Providing Electronic Land data

To accelerate information circulation, we have established the "Electronic Land Data Supply System" and provide e-data of land to applicants. This e-data can be viewed as a value-added service because applicants can develop their own new applications.

7. Enhancing Internet Services

1Offering Services of 24 hours a day, seven days a week

The public can acquire land information via the internet.

2Inter-organizations Services via the Internet

◆Cooperating with the Courthouse

To defend creditors' right, the service provides the registration of restriction based on a digital signature mechanism system. This typically shortens processing time from 3-5 days to 2-4 hours.

3Cooperating with the Central Government to Effectuate the Land E-Gateway

The program of Land e-Gateway includes Internet applications, an on-line payment mechanism, on-line verification ,and on-line e-file transferring.

8. Accelerating Internet Applications

1Application for Cadastral Copies via the internet and ATM payment

2DIY Cadastral Copies via the internet

Applicants can request, download and print out cadastral copies with a digital signature furnished by the Department of Land.