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Department of Land Administration


Key Policies for 2011
Department of Land, Taipei City Government

I. Objective

The objective is to perfect the administration of cadaster, improve survey effectiveness, reasonably estimate land value, manage public land, promote the use of farmland, implement the administration of real estate service industry, improve the real estate transaction environment, and handle land expropriation, public land appropriation, zone expropriation, and urban readjustment.

II. Vision

Good-quality and effective land administration services

III. Key Policies for 2011

I. Enhancing of cadaster administration, enforcing cadastral cleaning operations, improving land registration operations, managing information of unregistered inherited land and buildings, assuring public’s real property rights, elevating the quality of services.

II. Promoting the innovation program of land and building survey, handling green and beautiful measuring marks and education, improving cadastral survey results and maintaining the accuracy of the results.

III. Announcing the current land value of 2011 as the basis for the compensation for land expropriation and land value increment tax charged and following up the preparation work for announcing the current land value of 2012.

IV. Continuously dealing with the registration of the 37.5% arable land rental reduction, management of our farm land, and foreigners’ land rights.

V. Handling real estate service industry’s applications for permits, practice, and changes, enhancing the administration of real estate appraisers, real estate brokers and brokings, and land administration agents, securing real estate transaction orders, implementing association autonomy, protecting consumers’ rights and benefits.

VI. Cooperating with the city land use plan for public facilities and public construction, actively handling private land expropriation and public land appropriation, controlling and assisting each agency to timely acquire land to facilitate municipal infrastructure.

VII. Continuously handling our land administration integration information system, computerizing historical information of land administration, and actively promoting online land administration services.

VIII. Performing zone expropriation and urban land readjustment according to the urban planning, continuously handling the zone expropriation operations of the northern area of Shilin Presidential Residence Landscape, Chiyan new community, Beitou-Shilin Science Park, and fully promoting the first phase of urban land readjustment of Wenshan District and supervising self- conducted urban land readjustment operations.

IX. Enhancing the maintenance of our basic control points and cadastral resurvey results, accelerating the division of land use for public facilities and the information technology of cadastral survey related operations.

X. Handling the training and research of land administration operations, effectively using our land administration conference room, improving professional knowledge, and innovating good-quality and effective services.