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Taipei City Jiancheng Land Office

Phase I: Early years after 1945
In the early years after 1945, there was only one land office named as Taipei City Land Office to be in charge of affairs about real estate registration and survey in the entire Taipei area. It was the former entity of Jiancheng Land Office under the supervision of the Taipei City Government and supervised and directed by the Land Section. The administrative jurisdiction included 10 districts, such as Jiancheng, Yanping, Datong, Chengzhong, Longshan, Shuanyuan and others.
Phase II: 1967~ 1980
Because of the upgrade of Taipei City in 1967 and rapid growth in land affairs, the original land office was not able to handle the enormous workload by itself. As a result, in 1969, the Taipei City Government decided to divide the original Taipei City Land Office into Jiancheng Land Office, Guting Land Office, and Songshan Land Office. It was the first time when the name Jiancheng Land Office was created. The jurisdiction and workload of Jiancheng Land Office outnumbered those of the other two land offices.
Phase III: After 1981
Due to the increasing transactions in real estate and consideration for the citizens, the jurisdiction of Jiancheng Land Office was partially separated to Zhongshan Land Office in 1981 and Daan Land Office in 1989.
For now, Jiancheng Land Office manages the affairs of Datong District, Wanhua District and part of Zhongzheng District ( The north of Aiguo East and West Road). This is the Jiancheng Land Office as the public know it as of today.