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NO.TitlePublish Date
1How can a foreigner acquire rights or interests in land in Taiwan, R.O.C.?2009-07-12
2What kind of persons are allowed to own land in Taiwan?2009-07-12
3What are the laws governing the sale and purchase of real estate by foreign nationals in Taiwan? What documents do they have to prepare?2009-07-12
4What documents should be furnished when a general landowner wishes to claim the expropriation compensation?2009-07-10
5What documents should be furnished if the landowner is unable to personally collect the compensation, and wish to have this done by another person on his or her behalf?2009-07-10
6How does the owner apply for the registration of creation of mortgage when he/she provides lands and buildings to bank for guarantee?2009-07-10
7What tariffs should be paid when applying for land/buildings registration?2009-07-10
8What is the restriction for aliens to buy or sell domestic land or constructions? And what is the transaction process?2009-07-10
9How can the public acquire the information of cadasters via internet?2009-07-10
10What kind of data files is open to the public?2009-07-10
11How can customers identify legal real estate broking agencies?2009-07-10
12What is zone expropriation?2009-07-10
13What is the land for compensation?2009-07-10
14What is the total area of the land for compensation?2009-07-10
15What documents should be submited when the inheritors wish to claim the compensation in the case of where the land owner is deceased?2005-06-23
16What is “declared land value”?2005-05-30
17What is “announced current land value”?2005-05-30