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[Level 3 COVID Alert] All Pass Ticket: Refund Now Available

Staff and passenger in front of a MRT information boothIn accordance with the Level 3 COVID Alert implemented on May 11, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) informed the public that the refund policy for unused All Pass Ticket have become more lenient to facilitate the process.
The refund deadline for pass holders affected by the COVID Alert have been extended to 1 year. The days which the pass went unused are eligible for refund with processing fees waived and requires no additional documentation. For those who cannot apply for refund directly at the information booth inside MRT stations, there is still enough time to visit MRT stations to proceed with refunding in the future.
As of today, TRTC has completed the refund for approximately 25,000 customers. The company reminded passengers that details of the refund policy are posted on TRTC’s official Chinese website.
TRTC also pointed out that according to the All Pass Ticket Use Instructions, the dates eligible for refund are the number of days since activation and not actual use dates. In other words, the period for proportional refund calculation starts with the day following the last use of the pass (including for the MRT, public buses, YouBike, or Danhai Light Rail) up through the expiration date.
Here’s an example: Mr. A used his All Pass Ticket for the first time on May 10. The last day he used his pass was May 17 (a total of 8 days since initial use). When he applies for a refund of the All Pass Ticket at the information booth, the amount refunded is based on the following formula: 1280 NT – (1280 NT x 8 / 30) = 1280 – 341 = 949 NT. All decimals are dropped, and the refund will be stored directly in the EasyCard/EasyWallet. 
For more on the refund policy, please contact the information booths at MRT station, the official Chinese website of TRTC, or the MRT Go App. Information is also available via the 24-hour Customers’ Hotline (02-218-12345) or the 1999 Citizens’ hotline.