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Mayor Visits On-duty Officers at Police, Fire Stations Ahead of CNY

Mayor Chiang visiting a local fire station before Chinese New YearOn January 18, Mayor Chiang Wan-an stopped by Zhonglun Police Station, Zhonglun Fire Station, Shezi Police Station, and Shezi Fire Station to greet and show his support for law enforcement and first responders who will remain at their posts through the Chinese New Year holiday.


The mayor noted that on the eve of Chinese New Year, people can really feel the festive atmosphere in the air. However, those working at the police and fire departments have no time to relax, as they need to respond to emergency calls immediately and face risks as they go about their duties. He expressed his gratitude and his highest respect for their sacrifice.


Chiang also reminded the officers that they should place their own safety as highest priority when conducting missions. As there will be numerous visitors at tourist attractions and entertainment venues during the holiday period, he requested police officers to remain on alert and strengthen patrols to continue safeguarding the life, property, and well-being of citizens.


According to the mayor, the city government is also mobilizing its social welfare agencies to carry out the “Fortune Meal Delivery” project. During the holiday, it will provide individuals of disadvantaged groups and senior citizens living alone with meal coupons and convenient store gift cards. This ensures that they can enjoy a warm, safe, and plentiful Chinese New Year.


At the end of his address, the mayor thanked the officers once again for sacrificing their time with families to carry out their duties and help build a great city. He promised to provide them with firm support and backing, which will allow them to carry out their duties without worries.