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Mayor Attends Guanghua Digital Plaza Business Reopening Ceremony

Mayor Chiang and dignitaries at Guanghua Digital PlazaTo celebrate the first day of business after Chinese New Year, Mayor Chiang Wan-an attended the business reopening ceremony at Guanghua Digital Plaza on January 26. He wished the vendors good fortune and prosperity in the New Year.


Chiang remarked that Gunghua Digital Plaza is now in its 15th year. The marketplace is a place where he has fond memory of, especially when it was still located under the Guanghua bridge. He would come here with his classmates to purchase comic books and CDs. Likewise, the mall is his go-to place for computer parts and digital products during his college years.


He also praised the workers at Guanghua Digital Plaza for their expertise and specialized knowledge. In addition to familiarity with computer-related topics, they can also converse with customers in English and Japanese. The consumer electronics marketplace is not only a favorite for locals, but also a must-visit destination for visitors from abroad – thanks to its global reputation. 


The mayor promised the audience that the city government will continue to support Guanghua Digital Market in the hopes of transforming the facility into an internationally-renowned tourist attraction. 


At the end of his address, the mayor once again wished the audience a happy new year and Guanghua Digital Market a prosperous Year of the Rabbit by bringing a lot of business to Taipei City.