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Taipei Marathon Obtains IAAF Bronze Label Road Race Certification

Taipei Marathon The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) announced on July 11 that the Taipei Marathon has obtained Bronze Label Road Race certification, symbolizing it has officially become a world-class urban marathon event and the first urban marathon in the country to acquire certification.

According to Taipei City Government, special thanks go to the citizens for their support and cooperation. In addition, many thanks go to the Chinese Taipei Road Running Association, Chinese Taipei Athletics Association, and the city government staff for their concerted efforts. In the future, the city government will strive to acquire the Gold Label Road Race certification.

The Department of Sports remarked that the Taipei Marathon was held for the first time in 1986, and it has now become an iconic event on Taipei City’s sports calendar. With race routes linking major landmarks and historic scenic attractions such as the 4 major ancient city gates, the event encompasses the charming features of Taipei City.

After obtaining Bronze Label Road Race certification, Taipei Marathon will become an annual fixture on the IAAF’s calendar, as well as one of the Olympic qualification races to attract more world-class elite runners to join the event and elevate Taipei’s international reputation.

The agency commented that the IAAF road race certification takes into consideration criteria such as international elite field, certified course, medical services, aid stations, video coverage, and all roads being closed to traffic. In regard to closing roads to traffic, since Taipei has a high population density and busy traffic flow, closing roads for a race is truly difficult. Therefore the department has expressed its gratitude to the citizens for their support and understanding. Special credit also goes to all the staff involved as well as the selfless contributions of the volunteer traffic controllers, volunteers, cheerleaders, and enthusiastic citizens!

The 2019 Taipei Marathon will be held on December 15, all road running enthusiasts domestic and abroad are invited to join and celebrate the world-class Taipei Marathon.