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With the increase of resident and investment by foreigners, Taipei, as an international city, is providing land and housing transaction information for all foreigners. This section integrates the procedure, process and regulations for foreigners to inquire.
1. Procedure
(1).Only foreigners whose home countries, according to treaties or their domestic laws, entitle ROC nationals to the same rights may acquire land in Taiwan, ROC. (Article 18, Land Act).
The usage of land leased or purchased by foreigners is limited for residences, business sites, office buildings, shops, factories, churches, hospitals, schools for children of foreigners, diplomatic and counselor building, building of organizations for the promotion of public welfare, and cemeteries. The acquisition of these usages can apply in Land Registration office. After examining the application, Land Registration will send it to competent authorities at the higher level. The land registration will process after competent authorities approve the application. .
In addition, foreigners may be allowed to acquire land for investments helpful or useful in major infrastructure projects, overall economic development, or agricultural and animal husbandry industries that are approved by the competent authorities. (Article 19, Land Act)